Sunday, March 25, 2007

October, November and December....

Miguel at Hospital only a few days old.
As you well know our first born Miguel came to us in October'05. Thus began my journey in motherhood. The first 3 months were the most unsettling of them all. I was cranky all the time due to the lack of sleep and felt incapable of doing anything else but soothe and feed this little angel.

I was blessed with supply of abundance so for the first 9 months Miguel was fully breastfed.
He was a wonderful baby but when he did cry, the whole full house knew about it.

Miguel's first trip in his carseat was so so so loud. As first time parents, Rommel and I did not know what to expect when you put a newborn in his carseat. Miguel seemed to dislike the seat so much so that we had to pull over and comfort him on our way home from Westmead Private.
He was not too happy in the car and it was only when he was 6months or more that he enjoyed the car trips.

Due to jaundice we had to come back to the hospital 5 days after checking out for a quite expensive tanning session for the little one. It was about $500 - the first major expense of our little boy. As October is an unpredictable weather month, we had no sun to get some more Vitamin D into Miguel, so being the doting parents we were, we just went back to the Hospital. Little did we know that it was all normal and had we waited longer, the jaundice would go away anyway.

During September and November 2005, Tito Benny Sison - Mom's younger brother came over to Sydney. He was here in September for a food show and November was for Edward's wedding. We were so happy to see Tito Benny and missed Tita Heny who couldnt make it due to work commitments. Miguel wishes to have more family come to visit us in the future.

Tito Benny at the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. (Sydney - September 2005)

Moms & Dads from both the Ombinas and del Valles were also at Acacia Gardens to welcome the first born grandchild. The two sets of grandparents were in Sydney, very proud of the newborn in our midst. It would be described as the most unforgettable 3 months of the Del Valle Domain @ Acacia. Thanks to the Lolos and Lolas for all your love and support.

December 2005 had lots of trips to the Airport beginning and it was in the Airport that Miguel had his first picture with "HO HO HO" and his beautiful elf.

Miguel with Santa, Lola Salve and Lola Teret.

Miguel with Mom, Santa and Beauti-Elf.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Here comes Miguel....

October 13, 2005 was my scheduled weekly checkup with Dr. Gayer. I had a very high BP recorded (130/90) and Dr Gayer told me to get to my GP the following day and get a another BP measurement. I was tensed that evening because of what I found out but was not worried as I felt assured that the baby in my tummy was doing OK.

It could be because I was tired from the events of the previous week with the trip to Newcastle for the Avaya Kick-off Meeting. I may not just have gotten enough rest....

October 14, 2005 was a Friday and I decided on working from home and slotted a time in the morning to get my BP checked again. Work was great and Dave said not to worry and just look after myself. Even Simon, a client, emailed me to stop thinking of work and look after myself. Nakakataba ng puso.... Well, I did get my BP checked and it was still 130/90. I called Dr Gayer and was advised by the secretary and more than likely I will be asked to get myself into hospital. To this I was not so happy about - 1. My maternity leave was not meant to start until the 24th of October and 2. I felt that the house is still now ready for the baby....

So, Rommel had to drive me into the hospital and I checked in as per Doctor's orders. I felt so bad as I still had Caleb's christening on the Sunday that I was looking forward to going to. Anyway, the equipments where tied to me so to speak and baby and I were both being monitored from about 4PM 'til 7PM. I think Rommel was with me the whole time and had to leave late that night. I wished to God that baby would come out as I was not going to be stuck in the hospital for the weekend alone.

As if hearing me and obeying his mom's wishes, at about 12:50am Saturday, I felt some cramping and the urge to go to the loo. So, I went and when I looked I thought man, I must have pee'd myself. I was went and when I looked again I thought I saw blood (this was "the show") - I was starting the labour process. After about 4 hours of labour and an hour of pushing --- at 4:54am on the 15-October-2005, my little boy, Miguel Anthony, was born.

Praise God for a normal and healthy boy with lungs that can sing like the 4 Tenors. :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

3 weeks to go and counting...

I only have 13 days of work to go. 3 and a bit weeks 'til the due date. Mom arrives on the 24th and am requesting baby to wait for Lola and not come before that time. So far, seems like baby is listening.

We are heading to Lake Macquarie for the next two days for an AVAYA kick-off conference. This is the first-time I'm attending one of these and hoping that all will turn out ok for the next two days.

Baby is moving and quite a lot more yesterday than today. We have been washing all the baby shower gifts we received and boy, ang daming damit ng anak ko. Buti nalang, i have heaps of friends and it really helps that we dont have too much to buy pa. I still need to get a change table or I may make a change table out of the tallboy in our room. All I really need is a bath tub. Am also thinking of buying the one that is already in-built in the change table that you can roll around. I still don't know if I need to get a breast pump, guess it depends on baby but I can make that request from Ate Cathy siguro, she was asking what I wanted pa.

So many things to arrange with the house, I can't wait for Mom to get here on the 24th so that she can dispose of the stuff that we have at home that are hers. Sana, it could create some much needed space at home.

I pray for a safe and smooth delivery with no drugs except the happy gas only. :))

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I should've been told...

Dr Chelvi said that I should have been told of this by Dr Lila when I saw her last. She is disappointed that it's only now that I've been made aware of it. I just hope that everything will turn out ok in the results this afternoon.

Caroline, the blood-test lady is 68 years old and she looked way way younger. Her son was just diagnosed with MS and she was sad. I left her saying to stay young and pretty and she said that made her day. Bless Caroline and her son Lord, that they may turn to you in times of trouble and that they may sense your true divine will.

Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy

I went to see Dr Chelvi this morning and she told me that my blood tests shows I have hypothyroidism. To read more about it, go to the link below.

I had a repeat blood-test this morning to see if there are any improvements in the result. If not, then I will need to take some medication to improve my thyroid hormone. I pray that everything will turn out positive. Lord, just look after my baby and please let him be a normal and healthy child.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Going to Westmead Private....

We have decided on going private for this bubba. This morning I booked the hospital and Dr Gayer. I'll be seeing Dr Gayer on April 4 at 1:50PM. We will be out-of-pocket - $1800 for her fees and $120 for my initial consultation. We will also pay Westmead Private $250 (the excess of MBF) and possibly the anesthetist (from my last surgery - this would be around $500). Money, money, money - am sure the Lord will provide.

I have been coughing and sniffling the last few days. Just removed my milk intake and increased my liquids from water (about 2litres a day) and orange juice. I also discovered apple and mango juice and it's yummy. I also found out that I can still eat sushi just making sure I don't eat the raw fish, so last night Rommel and I went to Castle Hill, had sushi at Sushi Bay and then watched John Travolta's Be Cool. Funny movie!

Last Monday, we have signed the documents at Tita Josie's office for the sale of 10 Maple Road. Things should start rolling in the coming weeks.

On the weekend, after Elijah's soccer game last Saturday, we went to WestPoint - Donna did her nails and we both got a haircut at Hair Effects. Ok lang and I think I will go back to her. Then we were over at Donna's place for the Sister Val Surprise Party meeting. Teaching kids to do their singing, designing some butterflies and me becoming a B-I-T-C-H (as the others have said - am blaming it all on the hormones). Didn't get home 'till 3am and was so tires Sunday but had to go to our CFC household and afterward went to Officeworks and home to sleep. Got up in time for Palm Sunday mass and went grocery shopping afterwards. Went home and slept at about 9PM.

Was so very tired! I think all my pagod on the weekend is what made me get this cold. Will just relax the next few days so I can get proper rest and no more late nights.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Oh, the weekend 'til today...

FRIDAY - 11-March-2005
I worked from home today. Work has been quiet the past few days because all my reports have been delivered. I'm waiting on another report from Singapore, so I can produce my report for HP that is due on the 20th of the month.
Friday evening at 6pm - I did my first "strangers" CM home class. It was ok but deep inside I wished I was not there. The ladies were all pretty advanced in scrapbooking and I could have learnt from them than them from me. Melissa Sluitter, my coordinator is very interested in becoming a CM consultant as well. Hopefully she signs up. I got to leave the place at 10PM. Then, Rommel and I went to Mia Habito's place to celebrate her 30th birthday. We saw Bern&Jay, Donna&Dex, Maria&Jerue, Tita Miriam and Tito Elmo. We told them all that we were 7 weeks. They were all so happy for me and Jerue said "Finally!"

SATURDAY - 12-March-2005
Rommel and I drove to MacDonalds for breakfast this morning and went to Dex's place at about 8am. I am helping him decorate for Frances and BJ's wedding at BiCentennial Park at Homebush. I was annoyed that the SFC girls who were meant to also help did not even show. Lucky Macky, Simon and Marnell were there to help Dex and I with the plates, cutleries and glasses for the tables.
After decorating, Rommel came to pick me up and we went to Milson's Point as I was craving for this Satay Chicken dish I used to have when I worked at ORM. When we got there and ordered it - IT WAS A DISAPPOINTMENT. I'm still looking for that SATAY SAUCE as its not the same as what I had.
At about 5PM, we headed back to Homebush to take down our decors. Then we all went over to Mia's again for dinner and Rommel and I were home at 11PM.

SUNDAY - 13-March-2005
Went to mass at 10:30 then to Ate Mirza's for a CM Business Opportunity Meeting. Melissa also came with her baby Tahlia. At 2PM, I received a call from Mom that Carrie's fiance was in Sydney. My initial reaction was why only now - pa-uwi na raw sya tomorrow. We had a meeting pa for Sister Val's surprise party at home.

When I got home, Evenil & Taylah, Rona, Tita Susan, Michelle & Kyan, Dex & Elijah and Rommel were making calls to those guests who havent RSVP'd. Rommel told the story about the traffic, me calling and telling him that I am pregnant. Everyone were stunned, silent, no reaction and Rommel had to repeat himself and it sunked in. Sigawan and congratulations left right and centre. Evenil told Taylah who was super happy, she hugged me.

While this was going on, I contacted Macky, Carrie's fiance who told me he was already out and about. Not to worry nalang daw. I txt'd back to say we wanted to meet up even for dinner. So, we (Denden & Taylah and Hannah, Edward, Rommel & Me) went over to their hotel at William Street about 9PM. We met Macky - Russell Crowe look-alike and Waldo - a royalty from Philippines. :-) We headed to Harry's Cafe de Wheels. We then had a road tour of Sydney City in Denden's landcruiser with a tour guide - a Local Cab-driver (Denden). Afterward, we went to Star City Casino, just sat down and chatted. Got home at about 1AM and super tired and exhausted.

MONDAY - 14-March-2005
Went to work and had a quiet day. I completed that last report due on the 20th. I still havent told anyone here apart from Charmaine, Sara, Jovy and this morning Che. Kulit nya, she kept on getting to excited and Rhonda came past looking at me funny. Anyways, wont tell work 'til 4 more weeks from now.
Edward kindly bought some steaks for Waldo and also Carrie and family. Waldo was so appreciative and he didnt mind bring the extras back home.
I watched my TVsoapies (Neighbours ands HomeandAway), then the Australian Story on ABC featuring Ian Smith (Harold Bishop in Neighbours) who was told by his mom at 54 years old that he was adopted. Then watched Desperate Housewive and was too tired, i went straight to bed.

TUESDAY - 15-March-2005
I found out last night that Edward and Lorelie were told by Lorelie's dad to hire a co-ordinator. I kinda felt annoyed because I thought I was gonna help out there but guess not. Anyway, I started to feel annoyed and this morning woke up still feeling "inis". Think it could be the hormones, but am just not in the mood to be nice. Am telling baby that "am not galit at him just annoyed with everything else."

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This is nice.... the crosses we bear.

A young man
Was at the end of his rope,
Seeing no way out, he dropped to his knees
In prayer "Lord, I can't go on," he said.
"I have too heavy a cross to bear."
The Lord replied, "My son,
If you can't bear its weight,
Just place your cross Inside This room.
Then, open that other door
And pick out any cross you wish."
The man was filled with relief and said,
"Thank you Lord," and he did
As he was told. Upon entering the
Other room, he saw many crosses;
Some so large the tops were not visible.
Then, he spotted a tiny cross
Leaning Against a far wall.
"I'd like that one, Lord," he whispered.
The Lord replied, "My son, that is the cross you just brought in."

When life's problems seem overwhelming, It helps
To look around and see
What other people are coping with.
You may consider yourself
Far more fortunate than you imagined.

Whatever your cross
Whatever your pain
There will always be sunshine
After the rain
Perhaps you may stumble
Perhaps even fall
But God's always there
To help you through it all

Thursday, March 03, 2005

We saw our little pea! :-)

Rommel and I went for an ultrasound yesterday afternoon and saw the little pea inside my uterus. Praise God that the bleeding has stopped and looks like the little one is secure where he/she is right now. Continuing to pray that everything will flow smoothly and according to the Divine Will.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Its all ok!

Rommel and I went to see Dr Lily yesterday after work and she tested me again (urine) to see if the pregnancy is still on and it is. She told me to take it easy - no exercising, no stress, just relax and be happy. Take these next two months as precious time with baby. After the first trimester, I can then ressume my exercising.

She has asked me to go for some bloodtests and an ultrasound which I may do this coming Friday since the bleeding has stopped already and work is kinda busy these next few days due to monthly reporting.

With thanks to Mom, this is our prayer every moment of everyday.
"I desire to fuse my human will to the divine will. God will fulfill my desire and do the rest. In the name of my baby, I love you Father with your will, I adore you Father with your will, i thank you father with your will and i bless you father with your will. Please allow the baby to start doing the acts through me. In this way, I have no reason to be scared since I will be nothing and divine will reigns in me and in my baby. AMEN."

Thanks Mom, we will trust in the divine will with regards to the welfare of our little one. We will be attentive and listen to His Divine Will in picking names as well. :-)

Monday, February 28, 2005

The bleeding has somehow stopped...

only a clear discharge now and so I believe that there is nothing wrong with bubba. Hopefully the Doctor will have the same opinion this afternoon. I'm still taking metformin under the advise of Dr Gayer who said that I have to take it 'til week 12 and slowly get off it like how i got started.

I pray that everything will turn out ok. Even Michelle and family are praying hard for me. Thank you Lord for giving me people I can rely on for prayers.

I'm scared...

At work, this Monday morning and I saw blood when I was wiping after wee-ing. Am a bit scared right now but have read that there can be spotting happening in the first trimester and Maan had the same experience a few month's back. I am hoping that this is just a normal part of pregnancy. I would like to go to the Doctors this afternoon and hopefully get her re-assurance that everything is ok. I have lifted the baby to the Divine Will and hope that he/she remains intake in me for the whole 9 months.

Dear Lord, I lift my baby up to you with my human will to your divine will. I pray that everything will be ok and the pregnancy & delivery will be smooth. Let the Doctor tell me great news this afternoon. Please Lord. Amen.

Friday, February 25, 2005

I just told my Dad! :-)

I finally got through to Dad and told him "5 weeks na ako." And he said "Ano?". He didn't get it. I told him "Magiging Lolo na kayo. Buntis ako." And his tone changed to happy one, with an "OK ah!" Dad sounded like he had a cold and he said it was because of the rain the other day. He has a CFC meeting tonight and I told him to pray for me there. He told me to pray always and he is looking forward to seeing his apo in November. :-)

The Doctor has confirmed it!

YES YES YES, I am five weeks pregnant based on having my last period around January 15 -21. I saw Dr. Chelvi yesterday morning and she was so happy for me. It was such a great feeling to see two lines rather than just the one.

Praise the LORD!!! Halleluiah.

The first person I spoke to was Mom who was more than excited and prayed with me on the phone for a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby. See, the Doctor said that the first 12 weeks is the most delicate stage of pregnancy and its best to keep the pregnancy to ourselves for now. We can tell when the first trimester is over and if I pass that stage them it would be smooth sailing from there. Mom said not to dwell on the bad side and to lift everything up to the Divine Will and think of positive things. She also said not to be tight when it comes to spending for this pregnancy as it is our first and its better to look after our health that the money we save.

Michelle was on MSN and started kuliting me about being preggy and yes I told her but said to keep it to herself because we are not telling anyone 'til we are passed the first trimester. That's another 7 weeks. Can I hold my secret for that long?

In three weeks time, we need to decide on which way to go - public or private with Dr Gayer. Public is free with nothing to spend at all but you are going to succumb to waiting times for check up and different doctors will see you depending on who is there at the checkup time. If I went with Private, Dr. Gayer will look after me with her $1800 fee and consultation fee of $120 on initial visit and $60 for every subsequent check up. Some of our friends (Maria Dent, Mary & Dennis, Donna, Michelle, Sonny Redoblado) recommend that we take on private because of the nature of me getting pregnant and at least if there are complications, Dr Gayer will know my history. Even Rommel's parents and mine have said that we should go for the best treatment.
We're still in the process of deciding.

While at work, Tita Dulce, YM'd me to say congrats and to take care. I asked her to pray for me and the baby. She said that all I have to do is take care.

After work, Rommel and I went to Fantasia to buy Maria's embossing template for Arnold's wedding invite. Afterwards, we were at Collin's Bookstore with $210 worth of baby books. heheheh. We now have "What to expect when expecting?" "What to eat when expecting?" "Up the Duff. by Kaz Cooke" and other titles I can't even remember. I guess we'll be reading quite a lot in the next few weeks. I contemplated borrowing books from Michelle and Donna but thought that I would want to keep a copy of these books in our study for reference. I can now trash all those IT and Software Manuals that I haven't touched since we moved into the house.

When we got home Rommel tried calling his parents but no one was answering, we have been trying all day to reach them but nothing. So Rommel decided to call Ron to find out where Mom and Dad are but he had no idea and Rommel told him that he was going to be an uncle. Rommel then called Sha who somehow knew what the call was about and she said that Mom and Dad were in Lae and arriving in Bulolo late this evening.

We had to go to singing practice at Tito Mike's and it was so hard to keep my news within but lucky no one asks us anymore about being pregnant so we had to answer no questions. hehhehe :) As we were about to leave, Rommel's mobile was ringing and it was Mom calling trying to find out what we were calling about. Rommel told her that he'll call back when we get home in 5 minutes. When we got home, we spoke to Donna who said Dex was really sick and the HomeClass would be cancelled this evening. Again, it was so hard no to say anything but I just kept quiet and mentioned nothing about the pregnancy to her (Sorry, Donna!). As soon as I hung up, Rommel call Mom and Dad to tell them the good news... They were so thrilled and it was like finally we will be lolo and lola. Mom said that she has been praying for us and this to her is an answered prayer. Dad said that his friend kept on asking if he had grandkids yet and now he'll be happy to say that he will have grandkids soon.

It was nice to tell our family the good news. At about 1:20am, I was awoken by stomach cramps again and got out of bed to see Edward watching Lost which we taped for him. I told him the good news and with a smile on his face he said "Congratulations!". Everyone we told were so happy to hear the news, we just hope and pray that everything will go well with this pregnancy and delivery.


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I think I'm pregnant.... :-)

This morning I finally saw two lines on those pregnancy test thingos. I am excited but am not going to be super elated 'til the Doctor confirms that I am indeed pregnant. When I saw the two lines I was going more like S**T S***T and with smiles in my face, I looked at the mirror and said WE DID IT!!! Praise God, no more hormone injections. I also thanked St Gerard who interceded for us and made the Lord answer our prayers. I also thanks the Lord for Tita Susan Mission (our Ninang) who gave me that St Gerard novena booklet about three weeks ago now.

I think this explains the cramps I've been getting for the past two weeks and as I type I feel it again. I pray that this pregnancy be smooth and the life within me will come out 100% healthy. It will be a bonus that this new being is beautiful and a cutey. I pray that he/she be a happy baby and I pray that my desposition be positive so that our little one will be all smiles!

After I saw the two lines, I rang Rommel who was stuck in traffic towards Knox Road and Quakers Hill Parkway. He was excited but I did remind him not to tell anyone yet as I have yet to see my Doctor. Tonight, I was scheduled for accupunture treatments at Epping because I thought the cramps were because of some digestive problems. I may have to cancel but will talk to the lady first. I do want to see Dr. Gayer or my GP so there is another test to say that it is positive indeed.

I'm so excited and I pray that all will go well in the next nine months!!! :-)

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Fleeting time

Boy, oh boy! How time flies. I remember how I was in Firmware last year and in July 2003 was told that the company is not going so well and soon I too will be redundant. Everyone in the Technical team has either left or been made redundant even Jake, my fearless team leader earlier on. Well, it was time to prepare for the unknown and go back into the world find a job as there is a mortgage to be paid.

Prayed hard to get myself another job and on the same month (23rd of July to be exact) Jovy emailed me with a timely news. Helpdesk at Avaya had an opening and Julius Fajardo was going to be the team leader. It was going to be a huge paycut (more than half what I'm getting at FD) and a demotion in the ranks as well. I, however, did not see the ranks as much of a problem but the financials certainly will keep everything tight. The only good thing is that there is a redundancy payout which will mean that in the current financial year I would still be earning the same amount or nearly the same as last year. Also, it could be our way to get a family started. hehehhe :)

September 8, 2003 - Mother Mary's Birthday was my first day at Avaya - actually I work in the Avaya building but for Avaya's business partner, City Comms but we are also part of the Avaya helpdesk. Did I confuse you enough? Yeah, anyway, its now June 2004 and we have been to Kirra Beach QLD in April for our holidays for about 2 weeks. That was an adventure in itself.

Rommel and I have celebrated our 4th year of marriage (CIVIL, that is) but very low key as we really recognise the January 7 wedding more. Lola Mommy also celebrated her 82nd birthday and Mom is currently in the USA.

Life is great at the moment and yes, time waits for no one. It passes by with a wink of an eye.

Friday, June 13, 2003

who supports me?

We have a prayer meeting tonight at AllSaints at Liverpool and I have to bring food, sandwiches for the SFCers. Why is it that my husband has to go out and have drinks and COMPLAIN of all the crap that his day has been when there are things to be done! He gets abit too annoying sometimes and I need to get some kind of support from my husband.

I am sick of the crap he give me and forever apolologising for things he keeps on doing. We are in SFC because he freaking said yes to Tito Tony during the party at Sonny and Rona's. What must I do embarass him by saying NO! He is full-of-it and it's really annoying me.

tired.. tired.. tired...

i am tired..... tired of work, tired of service in SFC, tired, tired, tired. Am glad that my parents are here again. Hope that their stay is a fruitful one and that they're papers would be processed sooner rather than later.

we were at Mark's 30th birthday dinner last night and had the best time. How I wish we did not miss our on the chapter-leaders training at Tito Mike's but boy, we couldnt miss out on Marky Mark's birthday. Even, Edward was there!

should we quit SFC? Lord give us your wisdom!

greener pastures? do they exist?

Is there really a greener pasture out there? Today, nagpunta ako sa isang interview, sa ToysRUs, only to realise that the offer is for a Junior Role and the slump in salary was way way way down. Ano ba iyun! Palpakekits naman! Lord where are you leading me? Do you want me in Firmware still? Am praying for the wisdom and guidance to get through this challenge of my life.